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Ques: How to Get Sify Safescrypt/emudhra/Vsign/pantasign/Idsign Digital Signature Certificate(DSC) Franchise/Agency/Dealership/Partner?
OR How to become Sify Safescrypt/emudhra/Vsign DSC reseller?
OR How to get Emudhra & Sify Safescrypt/Vsign RA Login?
OR Looking for bulk purchase of DSC and Epass Token, HYP Token, Proxkey Token 





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We are pleased to propose a Business Association with you. In this regard we have pleasure to present detailed proposal. 

We take this opportunity & look forward to be Associated with you. 

The procedure to get Sify Safescrypt/emudhra/Vsign/Capricorn DSC franchise/agency or to become a reseller.


  DSC Agency Model

Nowadays, Digital Signature Certificate (DSC) can be used by Individual, Corporate and Government to secure online transactions, to submit online document, to submit Tenders etc.

By joining hand with us, you can issue all type of Digital Signature Certificate (DSC) ( used in ROC, income Tax, PF, ESIC, Traces, VAT Department, GST IRCTC, Trade Mark, e-Tendering, Import, Export Licensing)


After Generating DSC/Partner Login

The Associate can generate all types of Digital Signature by his/her Login.


Pricing and Payment

The Associate has to purchase the DSC & Tokens. The price of DSC , Tokens are varies on the quantum.

There is 100% advance payment. 


 Training and Support

We will provide online training and user manual developed by us for easy process of issuing Digital Signature.

We ensure you that an Association with us will be benefitted for both of us and would be long lasting.



Vsign pfx price 10 Quantity 

(For Higher Quantity Ask price)

Vsign pfx Rs 70/- per Pfx

(Rs 118 processing fees will be paid to company directly)

(Rs 30 Cashback per DSC in Vsign wallet After Downloading)

Pantasign pfx price 10 Quantity 

(For Higher Quantity Ask price)

Pantasign pfx Rs 125/- per Pfx

(Rs 100 processing fees will be paid to company directly)

Buy emudhra DSC at very competitive price from us.

Emudhra Pfx Price

Emudhra Pfx Rs 350/- signing 2 Year (Per pfx)

Emudhra Pfx Rs 550/- Combo 2 Year (per Pfx)

(Negotiate for Higher Quantity)

To Become a Emudhra Login partner

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FAQs on DSC Franchise :-

"Time period to consume DSC Stock"
There is no expiry of DSC stock, which the person will purchase/has purchased i.e. It can be consumed within a day/a week/ a year and more.

"Who can get the DSC Franchise"
Anybody can get the DSC Franchise whether having any professional qualification or not.

"Initially, How much quantity  I have to purchase"
There is no limit of minimum and maximum quantity, you can purchase as per your convenient.

"I am a Chartered accountant or Accountant or PF Consultant and I have so many client who need DSC. Can I take the DSC Dealership."
Yes, You can take 

"What are the benefit, If I become your DSC Partner"
You can apply DSC anytime as per your convenient, You will save a lot of money per DSC, You can sale DSC to your nearby.  

"How I know , how to apply DSC or download DSC"
We will provide full online training and manuals. 

" I am already DSC partner under any other controller or any other company"
You can become DSC partner under us and can take DSC dealership of any other company 

"I am like to become DSC Dealer like you so that I can make DSC dealer under me."
Yes, You can become. 

"How I can know the prices of DSC for dealership."
You have to contact us or share your detail in below mentioned form. We will contact you.

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