Digital Signature Certificate (DSC) Ready Reckoner

Digital Signature Certificate (DSC) Ready Reckoner

(One Solution for all your DSC/Token/Java Related Query/ Error/Confusion)

LRL Services is glad in releasing first edition of book "Digital Signature Certificate (DSC) Ready Reckoner" written by
Rahul Agrawal (FCA).

We are aware of fact that in day to day activities, use of digital signature is increasing and users are facing a lot of difficulties in using digital signature. Even people think that DSC contains scan copy of their signature, this is wrong.

We have seen that when DSC error arises, users waste a lot of time, even many days to solve the error but error remain persist. Due to DSC errors, the users get tensed in last date of return filing or submitting documents and other work also affected.

The edition includes, about DSC and USB token, legality of DSC, penalty and offences, how to use DSC, how to tackle DSC related errors faced on various websites, how to know correct version of JAVA, from where download correct version of JAVA, legal recognition of DSC, legal consequences in case of DSC obtained fraudulently, legal consequences in case of DSC used for fraudulent purpose, about USB token and how can be they re-use, how to check miscellaneous information of DSC, frequently asked questions.

Detailed Coverage of Practical Aspects of DSC along with detailed solutions, so that a single computer can be used for using DSC on various websites:

  • Reasons behind DSC Errors
  • What should be kept in mind while using any class of DSC on various websites
  • What should user not do?

Solutions of more than 25 DSC errors like

(Including solutions for Windows 7, 8, 8.1 and 10)
  • Select certificate is not working on MCA website
  • Certificate has not been selected,cryptographic errors of MCA
  • How to register DSC on Income Tax website by using ITD e-filing DSC Management Utility
  • How to upload XML file on Income Tax Site by sing ITD e-filing DSC Management Utility
  • Please upload a valid signature file
  • Please upload a valid PAN hash Digital Signature Certificate
  • ITD e-filing DSC management utility of Income Tax not working
  • Selection of CSP while installing e-pass auto token driver.
  • Application blocked by Security Settings or Java Security
  • Login user ID does not match with the generated signature file,please generate the signature file
  • Window has found a problem with this, unknown publisher
  • How to register Digital Signature Certificate (DSC) on Traces
  • How to register DSC on D-Vat site with any window
  • How to register DSC on GST website
  • Failed to establish connection to the server,kindly restart the emsigner.Click here to troubleshoot.
  • Application cannot be started,contact the application vendor

How to use single computer for various website for DSC purpose

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Author/Users view on DSC Ready Reckoner

At the investment of less than 1 DSC price if a professional save an hour of professional time, value of professional time would be more.

The ‘DSC Reckoner’ is a display of mastery and clarity of author mind on the subject and reflects immense hard work, author have put in to analyse and find solutions to various DSC error issues.

By explaining the error messages through screen shots and providing precise solution underneath has kept the focus to issues without any avoidable verbosity. This is immensely useful when the reader wishes to have an urgent solution and can definitely do without any flowery language.

The reliefs experienced at nervous moments could hardly be expressed in words.

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Now "DSC Ready Reckoner" in Digital Form


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