How to Install Epass 2003 Token Driver

1. Attach the token with the system.

2. A Will be open then click to Open folder to view files.

3. Now Double Click to ePass2003India-Setup.

4. Now Select the Language then click OK

How-to-Install-Epass-2003-Token-Driver 4

5. Now click Next

How-to-Install-Epass-2003-Token-Driver 5

6. Now click again Next

How-to-Install-Epass-2003-Token-Driver 6

7. Now select Private CSP.

How-to-Install-Epass-2003-Token-Driver 7

For Window 7 or upper version , user has to select Private CSP.

For Window Xp, user has to select Microsoft CSP.

8. Now select Private CSP.

How-to-Install-Epass-2003-Token-Driver 8

Now your token is ready for use.

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