How to upload Income Tax Return by using DSC

Question :
How to upload Income Tax Return by using Digital Signature Certifcate (DSC)?
How to upload xml file on Income Tax Site by using DSC Management Utility?

*Same procedure will be followed in case of uploading .xml of Tax Audit Report (TAR) on Income Tax Website.

Solution :

For uploading of all types of XML files on Income Tax Site E.g:- Income Tax Return(ITR), Tax Audit Report(TAR) etc use XML Upload Button of DSC Management Utility for generating Signature File.

Step 1: Create Signature File:-

(a) Click on “Upload XML”

(b) Browse the XML File.

(c) Click on “USB Token” button

How-to-upload-Income-Tax-Return-by-using-DSC Step 1 (c) image

(d) Select the Certificate.

(e) Click on “Generate Signature File”

How-to-upload-Income-Tax-Return-by-using-DSC Step 1 (e) image

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Step 2: Log in into Income Tax Website

Step 3: Click on E-file.

Step 4: Click on Upload Return.

How-to-upload-Income-Tax-Return-by-using-DSC Step 4 image

Step 5: Fill the Details.(i.e. ITR Form name, Assessment year).

Step 6: Attach the ITR XML File.

Step 7: Click on “YES” button for digitally sign the return.

How-to-upload-Income-Tax-Return-by-using-DSC Step 7 image

Step 8: Attach the signature file.

Step 9: Click on “Submit” button.

How-to-upload-Income-Tax-Return-by-using-DSC Step 9 image

* Upload XML here

** Upload signature file Created through Upload XML button of DSC Management Utility

Step 10: Your Return will be uploaded successfully.

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