Application Blocked by Security Settings on PF Website

New Note :- If DSC not showing on income tax portal, update token driver and embridge/emsigner

 When User trying to register Digital Signature Certificate (DSC) on EPF  website and  JAVA show the error like

"Application Blocked by Security Setting"

or " Your Security Settings have blocked a application from running" or 'Application Blocked by JAVA Security'






                                                    User are advised to add the website in exception list of security list of JAVA.

                                                   Add website to JAVA Security Exception Site List

                                                   a) Open the website and copy the website domain


                                                   b) Open JAVA Control Panel

                                                  Click on Windows>>Click Control Panel


                                                   c) In Control Panel, Click on JAVA


                                                    d) Click on Security >> Click on Edit Site List


                                                    e) Click on Add>> Paste the domain and edit up>> Click on OK


                                                    Whenever, Following window show, click on Continue button.


                                                 Website is added in to the JAVA Security Exception Site List.

                                                 For more detailed solution, You can also refer

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                                                Watch solution of this error in Video 


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