DSC or JAVA not working on PF Site


When you click on “Select Certificate” and DSC is not selected while using it on the PF Site, or 'Select Certificate' button not working on PF website or Unable to Register/Select Digital Signature Certificate(DSC) on PF website or "DSC not working on PF Site" or "EPF DSC JAVA error" or "How to upload DSC on EPF" or "How to upload digital signature in EPFO"?. How to register DSC on EPFO site.? 

DSC not working in Sharm Suvidha website. 

How to register DSC on Sharm Suvidha 

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EXCEPTION OCCURRED SEVER RETURNED  HTTP RESPONSE CODE 500 FOR  URL: https//unifiedportal.emp.epfindia.gov.in/epfo/ digital Signature/certificate/save abc=1623410625725&HDIV_STATE=9 58 B67CFBUBC11B828D7CA9A5AD967D 

Class not found exception.



Note :- If DSC not showing on portal, update token driver and embridge/emsigner

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Note: User are advised to use INTERNET EXPLORER 11 or MOZILLA FIREFOX  BROWSER. DO NOT  use EDGE or Google Chrome Browser. 

Note: If user is using DSC on Sharm Suvidha website, user are advised  additional setting apart from setting described from Step A.

i) when user click on the Digital Signature" Button, System will download the JNLP file and user need to click on this file

ii) Add site in Exception Site List of java

A) JAVA Version

Step 1: There should be only one JAVA in computer systemThe website WWW.LRLSERVICES.COM has such version of JAVA which is acceptable by almost all the website.  you can download the java from download section of our website.

You can also refer

How to check JAVA(s) in computer system

How to uninstall JAVA

How to install JAVA

Step 2) Add website to JAVA Security Exception Site List

Add domain of website on which Digital Signature is used in the exception list of site in Security Section of Java as shown in the following image or video..

a) Open the website and copy the website domain https://unifiedportal-emp.epfindia.gov.in

b) Open JAVA Control Panel

Click on Windows>>Click Control Panel

c) In Control Panel, Click on JAVA

d) Click on Security >> Click on Edit Site List

e) Click on Add>> Paste the domain and edit up to.in>> Click on OK

Whenever, Following window show, click on Continue button.

Website is added in to the JAVA Security Exception Site List.

1) User are advised not to type the domain, do copy and paste the domain till .in as shown in the video or shown above.
2) Run the java, when JAVA Window open.

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B) Web browser Settings

1) Internet Explorer

User are advised  to open EPFO website before performing following action- 

Step a) Add website to trusted website

Internet Explorer >> Tools >> Internet Options >> Security

  • Click on "Trusted Sites"

  • Click on "Sites"
DSC-or-JAVA-not-working-on-PF-Site Step 2 01
  • Uncheck the "Require server verification (https:) for all sites on this zone"

  • Click on "Add" button

  • Click on "Close" button

Step b) Enable all the options of Active-X Controls and plug-ins
  • Uncheck the "Enable protected mode (requires restarting Internet Explorer)"

  • Click on "Custom level" button
DSC-or-JAVA-not-working-on-PF-Site Step 2 03                                                                              
  • Enable all option under "ActiveX controls and Plug-ins" heading     
DSC-or-JAVA-not-working-on-PF-Site Step 2 04

2) Mozilla Firefox
If user is browsing EPFO website on Mozilla Firefox, and any POP UP appear then,

Click on allow and Allow and Remember

C) Restart you Computer and DSC will work.

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