How To Check JAVA In Computer System

                                  Ques: How to check java in computer system.?

                                       Which java is required for EPFO or MCA or new Income Tax website.? or I can not understand which java is best

                                      which one can work for all website? or I am filing my TENDER on eprocurement/other tender website and java is not working.? 

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                                There should be only one JAVA in computer system.

                                The website WWW.LRLSERVICES.COM has such version of JAVA which is acceptable by almost all the website.

                                 It is advisable that user should not update the JAVA version until and unless required by the website. 

                                 a) How to Check JAVA(s) in the Computer System 

                                 Step 1) Click on Windows>> Click on Control Panel


                                  Step 2) Click on the Programs & Features



                                      Note: As per above image, there are two JAVA installed in the user system. Users are advised to

                                      uninstalled irrelevant JAVA from the system.

                                      There should be only one JAVA in computer system as recommended by WWW.LRLSERVICES.COM.

                                       You can download recommended JAVA from download section of our website.

                                      User can also refer

                                       1) How to Install JAVA

                                       2) How to uninstall JAVA

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