Please upload valid PAN Hash Digital Signature Certificate


When it shows an error namely "Please upload valid PAN Hash Digital Signature Certificate" as shown in the folllowing image:

Possible Solutions :

Check the hash value of PAN from given link:

Steps to check the hash value of PAN:

Enter your PAN No. click on "Search". Hash Value of your PAN will appear on the screen.

Please-upload-valid-PAN-Hash-Digital-Signature-Certificate Solution

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Steps to check Hash value of DSC:

Step 1: On the Internet Explorer Browser, click on tools option >> Internet Option.

Step 2: Click on "Content" , then click on "Certficates"

Please-upload-valid-PAN-Hash-Digital-Signature-Certificate Step 2

Step 3: Select your Certificate, then click on "View"

Please-upload-valid-PAN-Hash-Digital-Signature-Certificate Step 3

Step 4: Click on "Details" Select your DSC, Hash value of your DSC will appear. This Hash value should be same with the Hash value of your PAN.

Please-upload-valid-PAN-Hash-Digital-Signature-Certificate Step 4

If Value does not match, Contact to your DSC Provider.

If Value match, you have not updated the profile of the principal in Income tax login.

In this case you can refer detail solution

How to register DSC on new income tax portal 

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