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How to use Class 3 DSC for e-tendering?


"Unable to register Class 3 DSC on Tender website"


"JAVA not working on Tendering website"


How to use Class 3 DSC for e-procurement?


1. System / PC Requirements: Windows version should be atleast XP Service Pack-3 and above, Internet Explorer 8 and above.

2. Before using the e-Token you have to install E-Token Driver in to the system.

  • For epass auto token run the setup file inbuilt into the token. While installing epass auto token driver, it show two type of CSP i.e. Private CSP and MicroSoft CSP as mentioned below:
  • For window 7 or upper version, user has to select Private CSP.


    For detailed information, please refer the link.

  • For Aladin USB Token Driver, refer Download section of our website
  • For detailed information, please refer the link.

  • For Trust Key run the setup file inbuilt into the Token.
  • For detailed information, please refer the link.

    3. e-Token only looks like a pen drive but it is NOT a pen drive. e-Token cannot store anything apart from DSC.

    4. After inserting e-Token into the system, check whether it show DSC into the Internet Explorer

    Internet Explorer >> Tools >> Internet Options >> Contents >> Certificates

    5. Add website to trusted website

    (User should firstly open desired website, then perform following steps)

    Internet Explorer >> Tools >> Internet Options >> Security

  • Click on "Trusted Sites"
  • ?

  • Click on "Sites"
  • ?


  • Click on "Sites"
  • ?


  • Uncheck the "Require server verification (https:) for all sites on this zone" ?
  • Click on "Close" button

6. Enable all the options of Active-X Controls and plug-ins

Internet Explorer >> Tools >> Internet Options >> Security >> Custom Level >> ActiveX Controls and Plug-ins

7. Check Java in your system

Ask the applicable version of Java for the concern website from their helpdesk or you can visit download section at our website. The applicable Java should be there in your system only i.e. you have to uninstall all other version of Java.

Further, add domain of website on which Digital Signature is used in the exception list of site in Security Section of Java.

(Notes: User are advised not to type the domain, do copy and paste the domain till .in/.com/.org/.nic etc.)

Note: Now Restart you Computer. Use the DSC on concerned website.

1. Don’t try to tamper the contents of Token. If Private Key of DSC is deleted, DSC is useless.

2. Don’t try to Export the DSC from Token in PFX Form. It will not be generated

3. Never click on Initialization Button. This will delete your DSC and you will have to purchase it again.

4. Do not enter wrong password more than given attempt, otherwise DSC Token will be locked.

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